Gail Shelley



Coach Gayle offers private coaching in:


  • Business English.

  • TOEFL studies.

  • Conversational English studies.

  • ESL+ studies (Includes pronunciations, idioms and more!).

    Classes with Gail include access to a FREE weekly Speaking Club!  This is arranged during your first session.



Coach Gayle also offers lessons in:


Gail Shelley earned her Master of Arts degree in teaching and her Master of Business Administration degree from Kaplan University.  With over 20 years business and English teaching experience in the classroom and 5 years of experience online, Gail has taught adults and children from all over the globe - from teaching young students how to read to helping adults prepare business lectures and reports.
"I am here to make you look good," she often says, "Being able to communicate with a clear American accent builds confidence and leads to greater success in the future. Everyone learns a little differently," Gail says, "That's why I love my job. It's challenging and rewarding too. My greatest joy is watching my students grow and become successful in life."


** ALL STUDENTS receive a FREE VIDEO of each session, to review on any device **

* For first-time Students, the class will be held via Google Hangouts. 

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