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Gracia Burns

Accent and Business English Coach

Coach Gracia offers coaching in the following accents:

  • American - General

  • American - Southern (various)

  • American - Black (AAVE) **(for Black-identifying people only)

  • American - General New York



Accent Audit:                                     

  • Send in your self-tape or prerecorded speech for video feedback

Business English Packages:

Gracia also coaches Business English. Her services are designed to help you Level Up your communication skills in order to boost confidence, maintain focus, and advance your career.


  • Business Prep Session ~ Prepare for meetings, presentations, interviews, small talk, greetings, etc.

  • The 6 Week Transformation ~ This program takes you on a journey to discovering your authentic voice through weekly one-on-one private coaching sessions, practice exercises, worksheets, accent audits, and more.


  • Level Up Business English ~ This intensive 6-month program is designed to help you find your true voice, understand your communication style, and take you to the next level in your career goals

Gracia Burns is an expert in the field of Business English, holding a TEFL certification and specialized in American Dialect coaching. She dedicates her time and efforts to assist international professionals and creatives to express themselves genuinely and confidently in English, so they can focus on their careers and put their worries about grammar learned in the past behind them. Her coaching empowers them to communicate effectively in English, and achieve their professional goals.


With over 7 years of experience teaching English abroad and nearly 2 decades of real-world work experience across various industries, Gracia Burns has successfully guided and instructed hundreds of students from all over the world, amassing thousands of hours of teaching sessions. Her wealth of knowledge and experience allows her to provide a comprehensive understanding of Business English and tailor her teachings to the specific needs and goals of each individual student.

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